About Ron
Having grown up in Oregon I have always enjoyed the outdoors especially south eastern Oregon. With youth comes the impatience not to take the time to savor a really great sunset because the trout are rising to a hatch on a small stream and there is no time just to stop to watch.
I had moved to Montana for a few years and was lucky to enjoy the outdoors as I had worked for a television station as a transmitter engineer and spent a good amount of time on top of mountains. Where I really was lucky is I became a fly fishing guide and I couldn't believe someone would pay me to be on the river.
I saw some beautiful scenics and wildlife, but wasn't interested in photography, until life took a different path. I had come down with multiple sclerosis and everything change.
I moved back to Oregon as the Montana winters were too brutal with the illness.
And I learned patience. I came to become good friends with a person who owned a camera store and started to get into photography. Things progessed with me trying, buying and trading camera gear until I settled on the medium format film camera. With the big negative the prints you could make, well no comparison to anything else. As the ms got worse it was ironic my photography got better. I had to stay in one place not like Gary who is younger and always on the go up and down the mountain like a young pup with all that energy something I envied as I couldn't do that anymore. But you take what you can get. Along with Gary, my brother Arlen would make trips with me. Both would be my"legs" hooking up the trailer,getting film when I needed and just being good friends. I couldn't do this without their help. I even got my brother to start to use what I called a "big boys" camera instead of a point and shoot. Everything is shot by the vehicle or if their is a path or road I could take my electric cart I would use that. As the energy level and the progess of the ms change it is harder and harder to do it but I feel this has kept me going.
So please enjoy the trip I have been on.
Best Regards