In this section are photographs of animals that I happened to see from the road. With the M.S. I can't walk any distance but have been lucky to get a few good shots. The sheep are from Lesile Gulch near Jordan Valley Oregon. The country is rugged and has some of the most beautiful rock formations I have ever seen. The two rams were getting ready to fight since this was the rutting season. They didn't pay any attention to me, however I thought it was wiser to stay by the vehicle since they could out run me and are unpredictable in the pursuit of love. I didn't get any shots of them fighting but it was impressive how the two would get a running start and collide heads with such a resounding sound through the canyon.
The bird was taken in Crater Lake. My friend and I sit most of the day in one place waiting for the right light and subject to come together. The bird kept sitting on his 4X5 camera so I thought it would be a nice shot, turned out it was.
When out taking photos you do meet nice people who wouldn't other times stop and talked to you but when they see the big cameras are usually courious. A rancher by Days Oregon was talking to us and we asked if we could camp down by the river on his land. He didn't mind as long as we didn't build a campfire which we don't in areas of fire danger. Said to be careful of his dog who tend to chase vehicles. We came around the corner and here was the dumb dog sign. Had to stop to take that photo.